About GameItWorks


  • I am an independent seller who has sold on Half.com, Storenvy, Ioffer, Several eBay Stores, Bonanza, Mercari and eBlueJay since 2006.
  • Past online store names: Insideworks, BuyItWorks, Retrogameworks, Passionwithin, JediMindGames, several others I can no longer remember.
  • Eventually I settled on GameItWorks as the user name to represent my sales across most marketplaces. On eBay I have three store, each with different products types - they are all currently inactive since my main focus is on Mercari and eBlueJay.

Sales Payment Processing

Sales are processed through Stripe credit and debit card payment processing system and verified through an independent fraud prevention service. PayPal is accepted for bank transfers and PayPal balance (on our eBlueJay store). Other options may be available for purchases on Mercari or eBay.

Do you Accept PayPal

PayPal is accepted for bank transfers and PayPal balance. Note: Buyer is responsible for all processing fees and PayPal cancellation fees on cancelled and returned items.


While visiting the GameItWorks store on eBlueJay marketplace, you may see and item marked as: On Hold, what does that mean?

There are several different reasons, a currently available product will be on hold in the GameItworks store.

  • This is a new item and something about the listing is currently unfinished.  This could include needing a UPC number added, description information details added, temporary photos replaced with actual photos.  Most items start of as On Hold. To save time, I often use an existing product as a template so I can list more items at a single session.  I then return to each listing one by one and update the information specific to that product.  This can sometimes take several days to a week.
  • I may have this items also available on another marketplace during a special event on the other marketplace, so I placed those items on hold in my store to prevent someone from buying an item that may have already sold on the other marketplace.
  • Another shopper may have asked me to bundle this item with other items they desire to purchase to potentially receive a lower combined shipping price.  If this is the case, the item will be on hold at least two days.  1 day for my to communicate with the potential customer, and then 1 day for that customer to complete their purchase.  The items will be taken off of hold and made available for sale again if the purchase wasn't completed.
  • I may have sold out of the item, but I have more available that need prepared and tested before being offered for sale.  In this situation, I place the item on hold so I can adjust the quantity available and make any needed changes before making it available for sale again.
  • It may be put on hold if an item I sold to a customer potentially needs exchanged for another of the same item I have for sale.
  • The GameItWorks store may be on vacation.  In the event I will be unavailable to fulfill purchases within the normal processing time of 1 to 3 business days (Normally 24 hours excluding weekends and holidays) I may place the entire store on vacation.  In this case, all items in the store will appear as being On Hold and a message should appear at the top of the store stating the reason the store is closed and an approximate date to reopen. 

How Long Does Shipping Take

Once your payment has cleared, processing your package for shipping can take between 1 to 3 business days, but usually happens within 24 hours 99% of the time.  I do not begin packing the item until your payment has cleared the fraud protection processing that all purchases from GameItWorks go through. This helps save time and reduce packaging materials waste in the event of a failed sale.   1 to 3 business days is the lead time, in case a special box or shipping material is required to ship your product which requires me to physically go to my local shipping supply store to purchase the materials.  For example, shipping a computer requires a large, double walled box and special packing materials that I purchase as needed.  I may also have a large quantity of items to ship between GameItWorks on the other marketplaces I may be selling on during a holiday season, which requires additional processing time.  In most cases however, 99.8% of the packages go to the shipper within 24 hours once the payment has fully cleared.   Part of the processing time on depends on when your payment clears, since I can not begin preparing your package for shipping until the money is available to cover the shipping expenses.  

USPS = In of October 2021, the US Post Office raised its commercial shipping prices and has reduced its projected shipping times.  The original standard they held was 2 to 3 days shipping for US Priority and First Class Mail.  Under the new Postal Master, these times are closer to 2 to 5 days or more.

UPS = When possible, I use UPS to help save you money on shipping. UPS ground shipping is very competitive for heavier items, with a projected delivery time of 2 to 6 business days, depending on when they receive item.  Items they receive before 2 PM Monday through Friday generally get processed that evening.  Items received after 2PM Monday through Friday do not get processed until the following day. Items received on Friday after 2PM or Saturday do not get processed until the following Monday.  UPS is closed on Sunday and most holidays.  Generally, the local UPS stores I work with are faster than other shippers, including the US Post Office.   UPS is my current preference because they have expanded their discounts, making them generally the best option for heavier packages when compared to USPS Priority, USPS Ground or FedEx Ground. Part of the processing time on depends on when your payment clears, since I can not begin preparing your package for shipping until the money is available to cover the shipping expenses. 

FEDEX = FEDEX was previously my main alternative shipper from 2017 to 2019, and they have always successfully delivered all packages within an admirable time of between 2 to 6 days, which is normal among all of the shippers.  FedEx has similar hours to UPS but if often higher priced than the UPS at the end of 2021 and 2022.  Packages have to be received before 2PM Monday to Thursday or they go out the following day. Packages received on Friday after 2PM or on Saturday go out on Monday (or the next business day following a holiday).  Part of the processing time on depends on when your payment clears, since I can not begin preparing your package for shipping until the money is available to cover the shipping expenses. 

Combined Shipping

If you are interested in buying multiple items from the GameItWorks at the same time.  Please message me via the built-in system on the marketplace.   I will ask you to tell me the items and quantity you want to purchase and your shipping address.  Your shipping address must match the one your PayPal, credit or debit card is associated with. I can not ship to alternative addresses.   I will then weigh all of the products that are able to be combined. (Not all items can be combined due to their fragility) and estimate the package weight.  Once I have an estimated package weight, I will cross check shipping prices between the US Post Office, UPS and FedEx for the best possible price and let you know what your options are.

Can You Ship To A Different Address

The simple answer is, No.  I am only able to ship to the address registered to your marketplace account and matches the address your financial institution, PayPal, or credit card company has on record as associated with your payment source.  Even if your payment is initially accepted when you check out of your cart, the payment goes through different anti-fraud procedures before it is cleared. I pay an extra service fee for this additional fraud protection payment processing.  If the shipping address you provide when checking out doesn't match the current address associated with your payment source, it will be placed on hold and reviewed by an independent fraud checking system and rejected.  Even though I understand that you may have moved recently, if you haven't updated your address with the marketplace and the payment processor, you will need to do that before attempting to make a purchase.

Product Types For Sale

GameItWorks sells retro, vintage and classic video games, accessories and game conconsoles on the eBlueJay marketplace.  Some items are still new and factory sealed vintage game related products, others are previously own, first person owned or second generation owned for sale.

As of 2021 the majority of Video Games are for Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Sega X32, Sega Game Gear, Nintendo NES, Super NES, N64, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 1, PS2, PS3, Microsoft Xbox Original and Xbox 360

Accessories are various, but include Sega VMU units, PlayStation Memory Cards, Xbox 360 Hard Drives, Xbox 360 Power Adapters, Wii Guitar Heros Controllers, PlayStation Guitar Controllers, Xbox Guitar Controllers, Wii Exercise Pads, Nintendo DS Sesame Street Hard Case Kits (New), Nintendo DSI Photo LED and Screen Protector Kits (New), Several Stick Controllers for Sega Genesis and Nintendo NES, and a few obscure controllers for Colecovision. 

Working consoles include Sega Dreamcast, Xbox Original, PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, 1 Complete Sega Saturn, 1 Complete Atari Jaguar.

Consoles for parts include, Super NES, Xbox Original, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Windows PC and Original Macintosh (Pre-OSX, OSX) video games and software.

I will be listing these different items on an on going basis until they are gone.  All of my collection is either as an original first owner beginning with Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 in the 1990's or purchased later in the early 2000's.   News consoles and systems were added to my collection between 2013 to 2017.

Product Conditions

All Items for sale (unless otherwise noted in the description) have been tested prior to being listed for sale. All video game cartridges have been cleaned, polished and tested. All game discs have been tested. All game cartridges have had their external shell casing cleaned with any labels or permanent marker removed (Some cartridge based games, usually Sega Genesis sport games, have not had their batteries replaced, if they have one. These batteries are soldered to the board and are for game saves. If you would like to replace the battery, you can usually find them for a few dollars on eBay.)

Game Consoles have all been tested and internally and externally cleaned and or repaired with the exception of batteries and caps. (Unless otherwise noted) 


Product Condition Definitions

Item descriptions are as follows:
  • NEW Sealed = New in original factory sealed plastic. There may be small tears in the plastic. Larger tears will have tape applied to help prevent more tearing. The majority of my retro collection of new sealed vintage games have already been placed within a plastic self sealing bag to help protect the original packaging.  Some are sealed within cardboard backed plastic. Though the plastic is strong and effective protecting the content, the actual plastic may have bends, warping or dents from decades of storage. (This will be evident in the items photos, when listed for sale)
  • NEW = These are more recent brands of video games and accessories that have no wear or denting to the plastic. The Nintendo DSi Photo Led with Screen Protectors Kits are a good example, as our the Sesame Street Nintendo DS hard cases.
  • LIKE NEW = I rarely list items with this condition description, because I use VERY GOOD as the condition description the majority of the time.  It's often a very subjective decision to call something LIKE NEW or MINT, since in reality.  Anything that has been removed from its packaging or box is considered OPEN BOX aka LIKE NEW even if it's not been fully removed or touched.
  • VERY GOOD = This condition description is used to cover items that have very minor wear, and for items where some or most of the items are in Mint or Like New condition, but other aspects are not.  For example, a Sega Genesis complete game may have a Mint - Like New Disc and Manual, but the storage container is either in Good or Very Good Condition.  That item would be given the VERY GOOD condition label.  There may be light scratches on the disc.
  • GOOD = The good condition is anything less than Very Good.  It may have a Fair Case, a Mint Disc and a Very Good Manual, or a similar combination.  The case may have more considerable wear but not tears or damage to its strength to protect the product.  There may be considerable light or a few deeper scratches on a disc be play without issues. It may be missing something like a Manual, or in an unofficial case.
  • FAIR = Items with the FAIR condition have considerable wear, there may be cracks in the plastic storage case due to age, tears on a game cartridge label, considerable scratches on a disc that look bad but do not impact game play.  Some marketplaces use the term ACCEPTABLE for what I call FAIR.
  • PARTS AND REPAIR = These items are in Poor Condition, Missing Significant Parts, Damaged, Non-Working, etc. They may or may not function, but have value to someone making a repair, needing parts to complete something.

Shipping and Packaging

Since I began selling online in 2006, I have never had a product arrive damaged to a customer on any marketplace I've sold on.  This is because before selling online, I used to work in a shipping department of a company that shipped $10,000 to $1,000,000 products.  I was the second lead shipper in charge of packaging and I carried over those standards to my online sales, despite the extra costs required to ship items safely.

Sealed Plastic Bag. Depending on the product and shipping method and season of the year, the product will be placed within a sealed plastic bag first.  

Smoke-Free, Animal Free.  All products I sell come from a smoke-free, animal-free environment. If the item has any smoke smell carried over from a previous owner, I will let you know in the description details for the product.

Silica Packet. Some items will be shipped with a Silica Packet. The Silica packet absorbs any moisture that are in the air of the bag at the time of packaging, or that may leak into the bag during transportation when shipped to a wet location. I do this for items that I believe will benefit from this additional step.

Bubble Padded Envelopes. I ship as many products as possible in Quality Plastic Cover Bubble Padded Shipping Envelopes.  This helps protect your item from moisture during shipping compared to a cardboard box.  Of course not all items can ship in a Bubble Envelope because they need more protection, so those items ship within a suitable box.  

Bubble Wrap. Your product will be wrapped in additional bubble wrap if it requires extra protection, before being sealed in plastic (mentioned above) and then placed inside the bubble wrap envelope or box.

Boxed Items.  Items like game consoles require shipping in a box.  99% of the items I ship in boxes are shipped in a brand new box, purchased from my local box supply store.  The other 1% are boxes that have been used a single time that were provided by a local retailer, have no damages and maintain 95% of their original shipping strength.  This recycling helps the environment, by giving these high quality boxes another pass through the shipping system.  All boxed Items go through the 3 Inch Rule test.  If the items are electronic, we allow 3 inches within the box around the product, and the item is wrapped with between 1 to 3 inches thick of bubble wrap, with extra attention paid to corners and protruding areas.  The remaining space is filled either with biodegradable shipping popcorn or recycled bubble wrap materials.

Shipping Popcorn.  Shipping popcorn is used as a filler within boxes to help prevent the item inside from shifting.  It is not technically for protection, other than keeping the item from moving from the center to the edge of a box, where if dropped, it could be damaged by being close to the inside of the box.  I use a higher priced 100% biodegradable, environmentally safe shipping popcorn made of starch.  You can literally pour milk on it and eat it like cereal. (Not recommended).

This organic shipping popcorn is stronger than the toxic styrofoam, doesn't create static so your electronics are safer, is safe for animals, and has a higher density making it less likely to blow around.

Top Customer Compliments

Top Customer Compliments about GameItWorks, quick shipper, great packaging, item description, friendly, communication
Tak F Gaming etc. Feedback for GameItWorks:  Friendly, great packaging, quick shipper 3/11/22

Sheree. Feedback for GameItWorks:  Communication, friendly, great packaging, item description, quick shipper 9/14/21

Thriftingw/Autumn. Feedback for GameItWorks:  Packaging, fast shipping, and friendly plus communicative thank you so much! Everything was perfect 8/5/20

How Can I Contact You

You can contact me directly on the GameItWorks store on the eBlueJay marketplace. Go to the store and scroll to the bottom of the page.  There is a link called CONTACT. Click the link and a messaging form will open.  Choose a reason for your contact from the drop down menu. In the fields below, you will be asked to enter the Subject of your message and the actual message.  Then click Send Message.

On Mercari, message me from within your app or their website chat.

On eBay, message me from within their contact seller link.

How Long Does It Take To Hear Back From You After I Send A Message

You can generally expect a response from within 1 business day, Monday to Friday, Excluding Weekends and Holidays.  I check for messages, once a day.

What Kind Of Things Can I Message You About

  • You want to buy more than one item at the same time and want to see if a bundle can be created to possibly reduce the shipping cost.
  • You want to make an offer on an item that is currently available for sale.
  • You have additional questions about an item that is currently available for sale.
  • You want to know if I have an item I previously sold, currently available but unlisted.
  • You are a current customer and need reminded of your package tracking number.
  • You are a current customer and have a question about something you purchased
  • You are a current customer and have a question about your shipment


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