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Acrylic Paint Set for Students

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When I went to art school, the cost of paint was always a big expense, especially for projects that were just being done on paper and not canvas.

A single tube of Liquitex costs about $8 for a full size tube, and when you need 20 different colors that is $160.00.

Not all projects require the pigmentation count that Liquitex and Golden Acrylic paints contain. You pay a higher price for the higher quantity of pigmentation.

It makes sense, if you are selling a painting on Canvas for $1,000.00 then you definitely want to buy the highest quality of acrylic paint available, because someone is making an investment with their purchase.

But for most projects, whether you are a student, a new artist, practicing, creating for yourself or family, you may benefit from using a high quality paint that has a lower pigment count.

While they are available (I only have a limited quantity available and once they are gone, they are gone). Is this Anker brand set of Acrylic Paints.

It set contains 6 tubes of different colors.

Each tube is 2.58 Ounces (70 ML) which is much larger than other brands of similar quality.

Each box contains a cheapie brush, I recommend you always use a high quality brush, regardless of the pigment count in your paint, since the brush is the delivery tool and a good brush holds and releases paint better.

I currently have to versions of these Anker Acrylic Paint Sets Available.

One box is mainly primary colors you'll see in every paint set of every brand.  

The second box are more vibrant secondary colors, ones you might purchase individually if you were buying Liquitex or Golden.

I am currently selling them at a discounted price on the GameItWorks Mercari store, mainly because Mercari has one of the best payment systems for buyers and sellers.  You pay as a buyer, Mercari holds the money, then you have three days to inspect the product and rate us. Then we rate you. After that we get paid.  That's very different than on eBay, where you blindly pay for something before you have even had a chance to inspect it or even on our eBlueJay store.

Shipping costs went up in February 2023 yet again, don't blame us, blame the guy in the White House who oversees the Post Office and the CEO's of FedEx and UPS who raise their prices every time the Post Office raises theirs.

Consider this, we have to buy boxes, shipping materials, we hand deliver all of the products we sell to the shipper being used and have them manually scanned in and none of those extra expenses are covered by the shipping prices. We actually lose money, because we can only sell a product within a certain price range and after selling fees and seller processing fees by Mercari, eBay and elsewhere, that costs an average of $2.00 on a $10.00 product for sale.

So why sell them?  Good question, well I need to make some space and that means we need to sell the products currently sitting in that space.  Grab them while we have them on sale.

The sale is currently only on Mercari 

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