GameItWorks sells a variety of retro Accessories

Visit our store and look around, don't see what you need? Message me.

Ever heard of anyone getting killed by a game controller?

No? Me neither! Stay home, play games.

The Original Xbox is a powerful retro game console.

The Xbox can be software modded with free software found online.

Sega Dreamcast is a highly sought after game console.

Dreamcast is one of the game consoles that can play burned games and run emulators.

Once Upon A Time, Sega Genesis was the game console for adults.

In the 1990's Nintendo and Sega were at war. Nintendo won.

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Vintage paperback books at the GameItWorks store.

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GameItWorks will be selling a large collection of rare books.

 Mainly fictional, Sci-Fi, fantasy, mystery, adventure genre. Many first edition prints in the 1980's to 90's.

It will take time to get them listed, so if you see one listed on our store marked as HOLD, that simply means the item still needs adjustments to details, price and shipping and is not yet for sale.

The Adept 1 Kurtz, Katherine, Harris, Deborah Turner Paperback

How to save money on GameItWorks

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GameItWorks Store V.S. Mercari

In 2022, GameItWorks sells on our own store using the eBlueJay marketplace, and also on Mercari App. So what are the differences between the two?

GameItWorks has had lots sales and positive feedback ratings on Mercari

GameItWorks on Mercari Marketplace

  • GameItWorks has less items for sale on Mercari.
  • Shipping to anywhere in the USA
  • Buyer Pays Sales Taxes to Mercari
  • Mercari uses a peer-to-peer sales format that helps protect both the buyer and seller, by holding the money until the buyer has had a chance to review the product for three days.
  • Multiple kinds of payment options, including PayPal, Zip Pay as you go, Apple Pay, Credit, Debit.
  • We use Mercari Shipping Labels for UPS, FedEx, USPS.  Sometimes shipping costs a little more because Mercari Shipping includes all Shipping Zones at a single price; they are usually bulk rate labels, there are limitations on shipping weight and package size.
  • We ship out the same day or next day, Monday to Friday if purchase is made before 2:30 PM PST.
  • Selling on Mercari costs GameItWorks a 10% sales fee and 3% Payment Processing Fee, so we have to sell at a higher price to cover the costs of shipping materials and fees.
  • We have over 200 sales and lots of positive feedback ratings
  • Mercari handles and approves returns based on their criteria without Seller involvement.

CONCLUSION: GameItWorks on Mercari has higher prices, sometimes shipping prices are higher than on our official store, Shipping is much faster, lots of payment options, Mercari accepts returns.

The Official GameItWorks store has the most inventory for sale

GameItWorks Official Store on eBlueJay

  • Lower Prices, because we do not pay a sales fee. We pass the savings on to you.
  • The Official GameItWorks store has the most inventory for sale
  • Shipping is NOT AVAILABLE to California, Alaska, Hawaii, PO Boxes, APO Military Addresses, Puerto Rico or US Territories
  • Buyer is responsible for any sales taxes or use taxes required by their state for Interstate purchases
  • Only Credit Card and Debit Cards are accepted. STRIPE processes all payments.
  • Shipping Labels are USPS and UPS at normal pricing rates. Sometimes shipping is cheaper depending on your shipping zone.
  • We pay Stripe an extra fee to evaluate the risk of every sale to help prevent fraud. 
  • We ship after your payment has been cleared by Stripe.  This can take up to a week depending on your credit or debit card provider.  Stripe tells us when it's o.k. to ship.
  • We have a smaller sales history because we had stopped using the official store for several years and during the pandemic lockdowns in our state. 
  • We sell everything as described and as-is. Generally we do not accept returns unless we made a significant mistake in describing the condition and functionality of the item for sale.  We test all products that need testing, prior to listing them for sale.

CONCLUSION:  GameItWorks Store has Lower prices, sometimes shipping prices are lower than Mercari, Shipping is slower because all payments have to clear in advance, fewer payment options. no returns

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